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Council WWTP Pond Sludge Removal

Sludge Removal


The customer has an extensive treatment pond network. One of the large 10 hectare ponds has a high level of sludge accumulation which will affect the performance of the pond.


SiteCare was awarded the project as the outcome of a tender process.

A dewatering bed was constructed, lined, and an automated pumping system installed to return filtrate water to the pond.

Our high capacity dredges and dosing units efficiently extracted the sludge from the pond. The sludge was pumped up to 1km to the dewatering bed, where 57 geobags were filled with the sludge and the filtrate water drained.


SCALE – Ten hectare pond area desludged
EFFICIENCY – Over 183,000 M3 of sludge slurry pumped from the pond
QUANTITY – Over 7,200 dry tonnes of sludge removed from the pond
CONTINUITY – The customers operations were not disrupted by the project works
QUALITY – The pond performs much more effectively
SAFETY – No harm incidents occurred during the project