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Kate Valley

Water Storage Dam Sediment Removal


Capacity in the water storage dam at the customers landfill is reducing due to a significant accumulation of sediment in the base of the dam.
The project scope is to remove over 7000m3 of silt from the dam. This is done with a high-volume dredge that will extract the sediment from the dam floor and pump it to shore.
Here it is conditioned with dosing of coagulant and polymer and dewatered in our mobile dewatering containers.
The dewatered sediment is then transported in the containers to the appointed location on site for reuse..


DAM STORAGE INCREASED – Over 7000m3 of accumulated sediment removed from the dam
WASTE MINIMISATION – All sediment removed from the dam was repurposed
CONTINUITY – Our dredging and mobile dewatering solution meant there was no need to drain the dam or take it off-line while the sediment is removed
MINIMAL DISTURBANCE – A small operating footprint allowed SiteCare to integrate with the landfill operations and avoid disruption to the customers business
REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS – Reuse of the sediment on site avoided carbon emitting road cartage
WATER RETAINED – The high clarity of the filtrate water from our dewatering process enabled all filtrate water to be returned to the dam for future use
SAFETY – No incidents occurred during the project


of silt removed.


Dewatering bins filled & repurposed